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4, after entering high school, she also joins the cooking and gardening clubs.
17-14 Otowa 1-chrome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112: Kodansha International Ltd.
Her given name is in hiragana makoto and therefore difficult to translate.45 Actresses edit In the original Japanese series, Makoto is voiced by Emi Shinohara gratis online sex chatten in the original series, and by Ami Koshimizu in Sailor seks-porno de kamer Moon Crystal and all media since.46 n the DIC/Cloverway English adaptation, her name was changed to "Lita" and was voiced by Susan Roman.Takeuchi, Naoko (June 6, 1995).Isbn., Naoko Takeuchi" about it from the artbook: "This is the title page for the conclusion of the first series of Sailor Moon.Ikazuchi wo furaseyo!" My guardian Jupiter!It does not appear online flirten chat kamers in the live-action series.Although she channels this power, she is not immune to its effects, and can use her body to focus the electricity in a suicide move.9 This dual nature comes from a need to be self-sufficient: her parents died in an aviation accident as a child and she has since then looked after herself."Planet Power" starting in Act 24 of the manga only.She insists that she is not the least bit feminine, and seems surprised and touched when someone tells her she.Makoto is generally attracted to Motoki Furuhata, especially in the anime, but only in the live-action show do they become close.Takeuchi, Naoko (July 6, 1994).Berkeley, California : Stone Bridge Press.Endless Battle of the Evil World".It featured buckles, very long gloves, blue and yellow highlights, a bare lower torso, and a profusion of thin, dark pink ribbonsalong with a face-plate and communicator.As she grows much stronger and more powerful, Sailor Jupiter gains additional special abilities and powers, and at key points her Sailor Soldier uniform changes to reflect this.Hit download to get higher quality.Sailor Jupiter edit Makoto's Soldier identity is Sailor Jupiter.10 Makoto has at least one former boyfriend, which is the importance of this subplot.
Makoto Kino (, Kino Makoto, renamed "Lita Kino" in some English adaptations better known.
She wears them in both her Soldier and civilian forms, and can use them as a projectile weapon if she needs.

She is by far the physically strongest of the Sailor Soldiers, able to lift a full-grown man above her head, 19 even while ice skating 20 or to stop a stone pillar from falling.