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3 4, as a result, her family appealed to the.
Contents, early life edit.Both priests said the demons identified themselves as Lucifer, Cain, Judas Iscariot, Hitler, and Nero among others; they further said that she was finally freed because of the exorcism just before her death.Further reading edit Goodman, Felicitas.8 9 10 Psychiatric treatment edit In June 1970, Michel suffered a third seizure at the psychiatric hospital where she had been staying.12 11 The priests declined, recommended the continuation of medical treatment, and informed the family that exorcisms required the bishop's permission.Two of the men filmed the assault, during which the woman is silent and passive.15 Exorcism and death edit Bishop Josef Stangl (May 1959) who approved the exorcism ordering total secrecy The priest Ernst Alt, whom they met, on seeing her declared that "she didn't look like an epileptic" and that he did not see her having seizures.The New York Times, Page 10, Column 3 (103 words).The five men involved were accused of gang-raping an 18-year-old woman in Pamplona during the bull-running festival.She looked at the people who were kneeling in the area surrounding the little garden, and it seemed to her that while praying they were gnashing their teeth.9 By 1973, she suffered from depression and began hallucinating while praying, and complained about hearing voices telling her that she was "damned" and would "rot in hell".
But at the same time, when the patient comes from Eastern Europe and believes that he's been impaired by evil, it would be a mistake to ignore his belief system." Niemann further said that he does not think he is an exorcist and does not.
When treatment by the family physician and various psychiatrists brought her no relief, the bishop of her diocese gave permission to two priests to carry out the ritual of exorcism. .
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Despite medication, her symptoms worsened growling, seeing demons, throwing things.