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In Pidgin, go to "Accounts select your account, and choose "Change Password." In Psi, go to "Account Setup choose your account, click "Modify type a new password, and click "Change.".
Now only the Jabber.
You can connect Olark to almost any app that supports the Jabber or xmpp protocol, whether for your PC or Mac computer, tablet or mobile.
As a last resort, feel free to contact the administrator as described above.What can I do after I create an account?How can I reset it?Protocol: xmpp or Jabber, username: your-olark-username, domain: m, jabber ID: your-olark-username @m.Enter your preferred password and click "OK".Your Jabber ID or "JID" identifies you on the Jabber network.This helps to prevent social engineering attacks, in which someone other than the rightful owner tries to gain control over an account.The person ultimately responsible for this service is Peter Saint-Andre.Feel free to contact Peter Saint-Andre if you have questions about the logo.Thanks to our friends at m, you can even join it via the web.You can use your Jabber.Any of them can be connected at once.
Org account name (e.g., The email address that you added to your user profile, if any The usernames of at least two people in your contact list (e.g., " and The approximate time of your last login, and the IP address from which you connected.
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