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Is de pizzagate sex schandaal echte

is de pizzagate sex schandaal echte

By the evening of December 4th, he was in solitary confinement in a Washington,.C., jail.
Duizenden mensen geloven nu dat een pedofiel netwerk met leden in de hoogste rangen van de Amerikaanse Democratische Partij opereert vanuit een pizzarestaurant in Washington.
At times, the shepherds personally steer conversations, but they also deploy automation, using a kind of Twitter cruise control to gratis physic lezen chat retweet particular keywords and hashtags.Together, Nimmo says, the shepherds and sheepdogs guide a herd of bots, which mindlessly repost content in the digital equivalent of sheep rushing in the same direction and bleating loudly.they say there are obvious pedophilic references in instagram posts made by Alefantis of literal pizza memes.However, The Times noted that similarities were also found in the logos of a number of unrelated companies, such as AOL, Time Warner, and MSN.Fbianons secrets were about the Department of Justices inquiry into the Clinton Foundation, which federal prosecutors never formalized.According to.B.I.Archived from the original on January 6, 2017.35 East Side Pies, in Austin, Texas, saw one of its delivery trucks vandalized with an epithet, and was the target of online harassment related to their supposed involvement in Pizzagate, alleged connections to the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Illuminati.Several of them mentioned pizza or other Italian food.I dont really know that much about the Pizzagate thing.Its like in the movie Jurassic Park, he said.His courtroom-ready exhibits included the Wikipedia entry for fake news, the New Oxford Dictionary definition of post-truth, a" by John Wayne, a photo of people sitting on a couch wearing horse masks, a photo of scars on the fingers of John Podesta.Another part of the conspiracy theory was a supposed link between the Podesta brothers and the child abduction case of Madeleine McCann on May 3, 2007.She threatened to report me to both the aclu and Best Buys Geek Squad.Archived from the original on February 27, 2017.Pizzagate, een complottheorie over een pedofiel netwerk geleid door Hillary Clinton, dijt steeds verder uit.Users tracked down Alefantis purported Instagram account (since deleted or restricted which they said hosted images of children, gay clubs, drugs, and generally bizarre or unsettling imagery: James Alefantis instagram late 11/5/16.14 Another band, Sex Stains, had closed the comments of their videos and addressed the controversy in the description of their videos.
Lives Are At Risk Hillary Clinton Warns Over Fake News, 'Pizzagate.