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Free-man gangster from English garage garaj garasi influenced by Dutch pronunciation garrison garrison garnisun from Dutch garnizoen gear gear roda gigi influenced by Dutch tandwiel, literally "tooth wheel" gearbox kotak gear persneling from Dutch versnelling, girboks, transmisi general (military) jeneral jenderal tiener echte sex tube from Dutch generaal ginger.
The ch and dj letter combinations are still encountered in names such as Achmad and Djojo (pronounced as Akhmad and Joyo respectively although the post-1972 spelling is now favoured.
Water, clear in Indonesian) klarifikasi, penjelasan clause (legal) fasal (equivalent term in Indonesian is pasal ) ayat, klausul club (association) kelab klub, perkumpulan infrequent coach (carriage) koc gerbong coat kot jas from Dutch jas cockroach lipas lipas, kecoa from the Chinese Min Nan ka chuah.
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News letter koran (from French courant through Dutch, become Krant in modern Dutch, but Koerant in Afrikaans) Nicosia Nicosia Nikosia nil nil nol from Dutch nul noisy bising, kecoh in Indonesian means "disturb" or "distract memekak berisik, ribut, ramai, bising Norway Norway Norwegia number nombor.
28 and enunciation tends to be clipped, staccato and faster than on the Malay Peninsula, which is spoken at a more languorous pace.

Apart from being heavily influenced by the Dutch language, Indonesian language also adopted a significant number of English loanwords in its vocabulary, although English did not play significant role on the Indonesian language and in fact most of these vocabulary are of Dutch origin.