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After Kok's 8 years in office came to an end in 2002, his services to the nation were immediately rewarded with advisory board appointments to a number of leading Dutch multinationals: ING Bank, Royal TPG Post, Royal Dutch Shell and Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM).
The prosecutor brought forward a formerly secret government document in which it was explained that Kris.Who says this isn't what is happening?And so did their alleged American partner: senior DEA official Robert Nieves.The only survivor was Sedat Bucak, a right-wing member of the Turkish parliament and warlord whose militia had been armed and financed by the Turkish government to fight gratis online cyber sex chat the Kurds.Why would Postma or other personnel make up stories like this?It's largely a rip off of isgp's 9/11: Surpranational Suspects article, except that a bunch of disinformation has been added.There's little doubt seks huis echt of nep he acquired these weapons with some degree of government backing.Organizers of The Jerusalem Summit are Israel's Government Ministry of Tourism, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Michael Cherney Foundation and the National Unity Coalition for Israel." See isgp's article The Supranational Suspects Behind 9/11 for more details.So finding ties between these elements and organized crime might be less of a mystery than one would initially anticipate.Now, let me give you the history of the drug trade in Afghanistan, his answer began.Drug traffickers enjoy relative safety on military bases.This money is coming from?Furthermore, Ostrowski explained he had earlier provided fake anonymous testimony for one of Brown's documentaries.
"You could hear people being kicked and punched.
Hans Holthuis, the child abuse suspect to whom the chief of police leaked the Rolodex investigation, serves on the faculty's advisory board, along with Rockefeller man and 1001 Club member Cees van Lede.