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Connect cam girl modellen the new button to cameraButtonPressed.
The rest is already done in the starter project and your app will crash if you duplicate the steps.
Go grab yourself your favorite beverage, you earned it!It makes sure the messages array doesnt already contain the message, then adds it to the collection view.Then, if the new message is the latest and the collection view is at the bottom, scroll to reveal the new message.You can modify the text youre returning here to your liking, but these are some good defaults.After clicking the Create Database button, select the test mode option.Synchronize data in real time with the.You return false to remove the header from each message.Rebasea, javaScript Handlebars CSS html.Note : For a detailed walkthrough on setting up Firebase, see the.Article 4 mins Completed New Server Side Swift with Vapor: Full Book Now Available!Lastly, add the item to the left side of the message bar.Next, add the following to viewDidLoad / 1 let cameraItem InputBarButtonItem(type:.system) cameraItem.
Once the notification is fired AppController will update the root view controller for you.