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Echte home made sex

echte home made sex

Ay-ay-ay (Yid., ) (sometimes spelled "ai-yi-yi" or spoken "Ei, yei, yei" ) 4 abi gezunt!
chazerei (Yiddish, khazerai "filth" or, perhaps live cams cam chat more literally, "piggery from khazer "pig" from Hebrew "hazeer pig junk, garbage, junk food chesid : good deed or favor.
gelt : (from German Geld, Yiddish ) money; also chocolate coins eaten on Hanukkah genug (from German; Yiddish enough geschmad, geschmadde (from Hebrew meshumad, "destroyed adjective meaning a Jew who) converted to Christianity.
In "delis salami ends were sold from a plate on the counter labeled "A nickel a schtickel" schtupp / schtuff : (vulgar) to have sex with, screw (from Yiddish shtupn 'push, poke similar to 'stuff to fill, as in to fill someone's pocket with money.(from Yiddish gvald 'emergency.Alter kicker or alter kacker (Yid., an old fart (from German Alter "old" and kacker "crapper 5 Also sometimes spelled phonetically (from the American point of view) as "alte kocker." 6 balabusta : a homemaker; usually applied with positive connotations bench : to bless, commonly.German schönes Mädel ) Shiksa (can be pejorative) a Gentile woman.Tsuris : troubles (from Yiddish tsores ) tuchas or tochis : buttocks (from Yiddish tokhes ) tummeler : raucous comedian,.g."Gentile luck graube : (from German Grobe, rough) coarsely or crudely made hegdesch : pigpen, often used to describe a mess (as in "your room is a hegdesch hock : Bother, pester (as in the character Maj Hockstetter from Hogan's Heroes ; a hockstetter being.Schverr : father-in-law (German Schwager ) schvigger : mother-in-law (German Schwiegermutter ) schvitz : Sweat (German schwitzen ) Shabbes goy : A Non-Jewish person who performs labour forbidden on the Jewish Sabbath for observant Jews; sometimes used (by implication) for someone who "does the dirty.With the exceptions of blintz, kosher (used in English slang and shmo, none of the other words in this list are labeled.Nudnik pest, "pain in the neck originally from Polish chaturbate cam meisje nuda" in Polish means "boredom nudziarz is the Polish word for the Yiddish nudnik ) oy : (exclamation) Oh!; Oy GuttOh (my) God!Many of these do not translate directly into English or have a different connotation.German platzen ) pulke : thigh, particularly fat ones on babies punkt farkert : just the opposite, total disagreement.Within an organization) (German machen doing or making sth.) "Now that Golde is the president, she acts like such a big macher." mama-loshen : one's first or native language, from Yiddish mama (mother) plus Hebrew lashon, tongue or language mamish : really, very (an expression.