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bay area chat kamers

Richmond feeding one of the chicks as Rosie watches from the lower cable.
On replay, likely Plainfin Midshipman Judi craigor :15 AM other Unsure FIsh spotted at nest on ATN, nest cam not on nest calgal craigor :17 AM Jacksmelt Unsure Second fish seen at nest, still no nestcam view.
So Rosie takes the new fish away to the rail.Craigor :06 AM other Unsure Re-centering of nestcam shows two chicks separately eating fish on the nest.35 PM other Unsure Red plastic ribbon similar to the one from last week spotted on nest 1535.Brought to nest 11:03 without face.Later we find out it's a Largemouth Bass from Ranch 99 market delivered by Tony during banding!DianneA craigor :43 PM Bass -Striped Richmond RIchmond flies in shortly after Rosie, dangling a striped bass Suzanne craigor :00 PM other Richmond Red baseball cap brought to the nest.Delivery rijke chat kamers accepted by VU, his fourth fish of the day.Radchick craigor :04 AM Bass -Striped Richmond Fish dropped off at nest for the chicks.Gone in 15 minutes.Judi craigor :43 PM Jacksmelt Richmond Whole fish to nest.Karen craigor :52 AM Starry Flounder Richmond Richmond leaves a Starry Flounder on the nest.Radchick craigor :32 PM Bass -Striped Richmond Whole fish to nest for immediate feeding.Judi craigor :38 PM other Rosie Wide thick mess of a fish with protruding fins arrives at nest.Possibly a lumberyard safety flag.
GailMac craigor :37 PM Jacksmelt Richmond Fresh headless jacksnack before bedtime Robin craigor :43 PM Jacksmelt Richmond And now another gratis live chat christelijke counseling jacksmelt, this one alive and kicking.
Karen craigor :45 AM Jacksmelt Rosie Whole fish left on nest as the chicks gather GailMac craigor :33 AM Jacksmelt Richmond Fresh fish for the kids karen craigor :05 AM other Rosie Finally hungry VV gets her own fish.